MASTER 160 Construction grid for facade works

Plaster glass mesh MASTER 160 – reinforcing fiberglass mesh widely used in the construction of buildings for exterior walls.

The MASTER 160 glass mesh is used for:

1. For reinforcing the plaster layer in exterior facade insulation systems;

2. Repair of the plaster layer inside and outside buildings, preventing plaster cracking;

3. For a better relationship of the applied solution with the main structure of the building;

4. To ensure the possibility of applying water-based solutions to a surface with weak wettability, for example, plastering foam.

The MASTER glass mesh is certified for compliance with the requirements of the standards:

  • GOST 55225-2017 "Fiberglass facade reinforcing alkali-resistant mesh", Russian Federation;
  • EAD 04001600-0404 «Glass fiber mesh for reinforcement of cement-based renderings».

Technical characteristics of the MASTER 160 glass mesh


Breaking loads,

Cell size,



at max. load, %

Roll size,


Number of rolls per pallet 1*1.2 m


Polymer impregnation





May change

at the request of the client


Advantages of the MASTER 160 masonry glass mesh:

  • stabilizes the geometry of cells;

  •  increases the strength characteristics of the reinforced layer due to diagonal stability;

  •  retains reinforcing properties in an aggressive alkaline environment (cement, plaster compositions).

Plaster glass mesh MASTER 160 is made of fiberglass and polymer impregnation, and is absolutely safe for human health. The MASTER 160 glass mesh can be custom-made with different winding and width, with logo application and painting of the canvas in the desired color.

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